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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lets get this started off right

Im going to run down the basic do's and dont's of computers.

  1. Do not delete system32 no matter what anyone tells you.
  2. Do not believe someone if they say you should refresh your computer.
  3. Do not purchase Norton Anti-Virus. It is overpriced and a memory (RAM) hog. My suggestions would be Microsoft Security Essentials or ESET NOD32. Security Essentials is a free program if you have a legal copy of windows.
  4. Do not attempt to do anything you are not qualified to do.
  5. If you are qualified to modify your computer USE ANTI-STATIC WRIST STRAPS.
  6. The Geek Squad is a load of B.S. I would not recommend them to anyone for anything. They are very careless and are all about making a profit even if that includes lying to you. If you have a Micro Center near you take it there. If not look for a local repairman he/she is probably more qualified than anyone at best buy and is looking to help you, not squeeze every penny out.
  7. Above all, think for yourself. Just because someone said you need a $3,000 computer does not mean they are correct. Do your own research because it is an important purchase.

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